Taking the first step

Do-it-yourself projects around the house can be fun and exciting, especially when you complete the job and admire the fruits of your labor. Larger home improvement projects can seem more challenging but with the right tools, material, and advice, anyone can do-it-yourself. In this article, we will discuss some of the steps needed to do complete kitchen remodeling.

Create a Design

As professional building contractors will tell you, no job should be started without a plan and thorough inspection of the project area. Start with taking measurements of your kitchens floor space and note where water piping and electrical outlets should be placed. Begin drawing your information to scale on graph paper or use kitchen design software for professional imaging. Then draw where you want your appliances, cabinets, islands, and any other options. Rearrange them as necessary until you get the desired results.

Demolition and Rough-In

When you’ve settled on your design, start removing all appliances, cabinets, and molding down to the bare walls and sub-floor. Next, turn off the water to the house and shut off the electric to the kitchen if you are relocating water piping and electrical outlets. Relocate the electrical, water, and sewer needs according to your local building codes. Hire a professional for this stage if necessary. After your plumbing, electric, and sewer rough-in is completed, patch any holes in the walls and floor.

Installing Cabinets and Fixtures

While waiting for your custom cabinets to be manufactured, install your chosen flooring and paint the walls and ceiling. Flooring should be durable and water-resistant as well as decorative. Kitchen paint should be semi-gloss to resist moisture and food spatters. Once your floors and walls are ready, it’s time to install the cabinets, sink, countertops, and islands. All cabinets should be leveled and mounted securely to walls and ceilings. Install your sink and plumbing fixtures and any lighting inside cabinets.

Installing new appliances

Now that the major work on your new kitchen if finished, it’s time to go shopping for new kitchen appliances. Typical appliances include countertop drop-in stove, built-in oven and microwave oven, ventilation hood, and small appliances. Remember, at any time during your remodeling project you feel uncomfortable or lack experience performing any of the needed work, consult or hire a professional to complete that portion of the job. Now it’s time to enjoy your new kitchen.